Python Conference
Indonesia 2020

14-15 November, Online

About PyCon ID 2020

PyCon Indonesia is a conference where Python users, or people interested in Python, gather to learn from each other and meet other members of the community. This year, we chose "Connect - Collab - Contribute" as our theme. The Pycon ID staff is continuing to work hard on making a conference that will allow everyone to have a great time and unlock new possibilities through Python.


Online, All around the world


Saturday to Sunday
14-15 November

Event Speakers

Here are some of our speakers

Keynote Speakers


Ariya Hidayat

Making a Bigger Impact with Open Source


Mariatta Wijaya

Oops! I Became an Open Source Mantainer! 😱


Nina Zakharenko

The Python Community is Stronger Together

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Event Schedule & Speakers

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Opening Session : Main Stage

"Making a Bigger Impact with Open Source" : Main Stage

Ariya Hidayat (Keynote Speaker)

Session Breaks

Powering AI/ML workloads with Python, Docker, and CUDA on Windows 10 with Ubuntu on WSL

Hayden Barnes

Sponsored Talk


Clippy for Python - Get Heavy into Python Internals to build a real-time code companion

Dean Langsam

Using Python to Create A Local Law in New York City

Nurvirta Monarizqa

Sponsorship Presentation : Main Stage

Break and Community Session

Break and Networking Session Quiz Session

Session Breaks

Introduction to Probabilistic Programming with PyMC3

Ali Akbar Septiandri

Is your data fit to fit() ?

Nick Doiron

Top Notch Categorical Encoding using Python

Rahul Bhatia

Machine Learning based Drug Discovery & Repurposing

Aries Fitriawan

Session Breaks

Managing Data Science Project in Microsoft Ecosystem

Ridi Ferdiana

Detecting spam texts using cutting-edge NLP technique with minimum efforts

Salahuddin Muhammad Iqbal (Ivo)

Robotic Process Automation in Python

Andi Dinata

Python and FOSS in Education for Generation Z

Gajendra Deshpande

Break and Networking Session Quiz Session

Python worst Practices AKA Anti-Patterns

Pratibha Jagnere

Text Preprocessing Pipeline for Bahasa ​​using Python: Concept, Steps, Tools, and Examples

Kuncahyo Setyo Nugroho

The story behind SPERO: how to make use of PyQt5 for your non-GUI technical apps

Indar Sugiarto

Everything Counts! Python + IoT + Conectivity #Tech4Good

Diana Rodriguez

Session Breaks

Developing More Secure Testing on AWS with PyTest

Renaldi Gondosubroto

Psst, it’s a surprise (Simple Python Recommendation System Engine)!

Septiviana Savitri

Make Indonesia World #1 Remote Worker Provider

Eko S. Wibowo

Making Machine Learning Model Deployments Magical with Merlin

Arief Rahmansyah

Lightning Talks Preparation

Computer Vision Simulation in Artificial Environment with Python

Agus Prayudi

Identify our system defect using load test in locust

Raden Panji Maharjo Tri Wibowo

Type Hinting: Why it should be your best friend

Arif Qodari

Containerizing Python Web Apps with Docker, Django, Flask and Nginx

Hasan Faraz Khan

ETL Using Pandas to GCP in Seconds

Adam Widi Bagaskarta

Preparing a catwalk for your models: how to deploy within seconds

Yosef Ardhito Winatmoko

Property Based Testing menggunakan Hypothesis

Miftah Muhammad

Closing Day 1


Room 1

Room 2

Room 3

Room 4

Opening Session : Main Stage

"Oops! I Became an Open Source Maintainer! 😱" : Main Stage

Mariatta Wijaya (Keynote Speaker)

"The Python Community is Stronger Together" : Main Stage

Nina Zakharenko (Keynote Speaker)

Sponsorship Presentation : Main Stage

Break and Community Session

Break and Networking Session Quiz Session

Session Breaks

Python for Geoscientist: Machine Learning and Beyond!

Izzul Qudsi

Go Faster: Use Cython

Fauzan Erich Emmerling

What I have learned in building a production website that serves PyCon APAC 2020 within 4 days

Ing Wei Tang

Cloud Native Development for Python

Johanes Alexander

Session Breaks

Building deep-learning models on geo-spatial data to fight dengue

Anand S

Web Crawling and Data Extraction in Python, from basic to advanced use cases.

Kevin Lloyd Bernal

TinyML with MicroPython

Andri Yadi

Publishing well-formed Python packages

Julin Shaji

Break and Networking Session Quiz Session

Gold Distribution Estimation using Kriging Method with Geostatspy Library


Sponsored Talks

Sphinxing it!

Divya Mohan

The Experience of Fast with FastAPI

Yahya Fadhluloh Al Fatih

Session Breaks

Sponsored Talks

Make your Data Application using The Easiest Framework, Streamlit

Muhammad Sifa'ul Rizky

No more tears 😢from project nightmares

Aman Sharma

Python for Finance: Markowitz's Portfolio Optimization

Yevonnael Andrew

Lightning Talks Preparation

Explain your Marketing Mix Model using SHAP

Parlinggoman Hasibuan

Best Practices for Building a Maintainable Data Pipeline

Aditya Satrya

How we do Data Science project in Microsoft?

Mathias Adityo

Introduction to Open Authorization 2.0 with Python

Himang Sharatun

Closing Session


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