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Sponsor Prospect & Benefit

Recruiting. What better place to find Python developers than a gathering of 250 of them? If you’re hiring, PyCon is the place to be. The conference has long been a great way to find the talented developers so many companies are searching for, so much that we added on-site Job Fair to make it even easier.

Branding. It is an opportunity to appeal that your company is technology-oriented organization. The posting of the logo will be recorded by movie and will be broadcasted on the web-media afterwards, leading to branding of the company and products. Continuous exposure of names and logos of companies, products, and services can generate many merits even after this conference, such as appeal to participants, topicality and exciting experience.

Marketing. It's a great chance to advertise your products and introduce detailed usages directly to Python engineers and Python users. Specifically, it is possible to have more interaction to participants by having a booth and directly explaining, having a talk session, and by distributing leaflets and goods.

Visibility. The conference hall is the place to be seen. Many organizations do product demos, hand out coupons and t-shirts, and engage their visitors by talking tech and sharing their experiences with Python. Some companies like to use their booth to interview PyCon’s talented attendees right then and there.

Audience. PyCon’s ever diversifying audience puts your organization in front of a wide variety of people. From beginners to experts, PyCon draws attendees from those with zero experience all the way through a significant group of the contributors to the language itself. We also see people of all levels from many industries. From developers to managers, executives to owners, startups to big businesses, PyCon draws attendees from all sorts of places. Some organizations send entire teams, and in the case of many startups, the entire company may be there.

Flexibility. If you want to help PyCon, we want to help you construct a sponsorship package that fits your needs. If a small booth would work better than a large one, perhaps we can swap it in exchange for another benefit that works better for your organization. For some organizations, a booth is not practical at all, but adding another conference pass may work better.

Other. Sponsoring can show your gratitude for Python community. It's one of CSR activity that supports technology companies and engineers community.


Sponsorship Option

Diamond Platinum Gold Silver
Logo On Stages Extra Large Large Medium Small
Logo on T-Shirt Dedicated (back of T-shirt) No No No
Logo on conference badge Extra Large Large Medium Small
Logo on main banner Extra Large Large Medium Small
Logo on Video Recording Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sponsorship talk slot Yes Yes No No
Lightning talk slot Yes No No No
Banner link on conference site Diamond Level Platinum Level Gold Level Silver Level
Free conference tickets 10 Tickets 7 Tickets 5 Tickets 3 Tickets
Promotional booth space Yes Yes Yes Yes
Logo and mention at plenary session Displayed with Diamond Sponsor Displayed with Platinum Sponsor Displayed with Gold Sponsor Displayed with Silver Sponsor
Address the conference at plenary session 5 Minutes No No No
Price IDR

Extra Sponsorship Option

Lanyard Sponshorship

10 MO

Enjoy The Features

  • Logo on the Lanyard
Limited to One Sponsor

Tote Bag Sponshorship

10 MO


  • Logo on the Tote Bag
Limited to One Sponsor

Snacks Sponshorship

5 MO

Enjoy The Features

  • Logo on the Lanyard

Soft Drinks Sponshorship

5 MO

Enjoy The Features

  • The drinks will be marked as provided by your company

Party/Dinner Sponshorship

20 MO

Enjoy The Features

  • Official sponsor of the food at the PyCon Indonesia party at the end of day

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Tote Bag Sponsorship

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