Welcome to Microsoft Virtual Booth at PyCon Indonesia 2020, #Pythonistas! Hope that you all read from 1) Talks from Microsoft in PyCon ID 2020, to remaining parts below like 2) #Microsoft #Azure and Python, and 3) More resources. 🐍

1. Talks from Microsoft in PyCon ID 2020

1. "Managing Data Science Project in Microsoft Ecosystem" by Ridi Ferdiana (Microsoft MVP)

On this session, Ridi will tell you a story about how to manage data science project with MLOps, Microsoft Azure, and Visual Studio.

Ridi is certified trainer for Microsoft +12 years, Microsoft MVP in developer tools for + 14 years, and post-doctorate researcher in software engineering.

2. "Cloud Native Development for Python" by Johanes Alexander (Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft)

On this session, Jo will talk about "Cloud Native Development for Python" which focus on offline/online development (using WSL, Codespaces) and DevOps (CI/CD and IaC).

Jo is an experienced data architect; designing an end to end data solution to fulfill business needs.

3. "TinyML with MicroPython" by Andri Yadi (CEO, DycodeX; Vice Chairman, Indonesia IoT Association)

Machine Learning not only belongs to the Cloud. With TinyML, ML now runs on Microcontrollers, and better yet, we can work with it using MicroPython.

Andri is the CEO of DycodeX; Vice Chairman of Indonesia IoT Association; Physicist; Maker; Developer; Entrepreneur.

2. #Microsoft #Azure and Python

Microsoft and PyCon have had a strong relationship globally for years. This year, especially, there were also online PyCon US on last May, and PyCon APAC 2020 organized by PyCon Malaysia with Microsoft sponsorship (Link 1, Link 2, Link 3). Microsoft has worked with Python communities to create tools and services which provide ease of development.

Invent with purpose: Empower your inner inventor to turn ideas into outcomes with Microsoft Azure. Python is great to build and deploy your applications, and further to apply empowering AI & data science functionalities. At PyCon US 2020 which happened online in last May, Microsoft shared the improvements we’ve made for Python developers in Azure, especially our newer offerings that enable you to build and deploy Python applications in the cloud at any scale. You can check out the details of Microsoft's presentations at Also, read about what Microsoft loves about PyCon and the Python community on the "Microsoft’s Python team loves PyCon, including this year’s online version!" article, which is really cool!

3. More resources

More various content for Python users is available at Microsoft Docs and Learn.

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