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November 3-4, Kalbis Institute, Jakarta

Accepted Proposals

List of Accepted Proposals PyCon Indonesia 2018

  • Adaptive Learning : Next Generation Platform
  • Algorithmic Trading for Indonesian Stock Market with Python
  • Asynchronous Python at Kumparan
  • Behind The Scenes of Our Recommendation AI
  • Belati: Traditional Swiss Army Knife for OSINT
  • Better Science Understanding with Sympy
  • Beyond Synchronous Python
  • Building next generation writers using AI
  • Cartography Using Python
  • Connect your things with Micropython
  • Decorators: Python’s Secret Weapon
  • Demystifying GRPC: The Modern Toolkit for Building Microservices
  • Describing Descriptors
  • Dive into The Magic of Django ORM
  • Divide and Divide: Refactoring Code in Python
  • Django Contribution 101
  • Enhancing Drone Application Development using Python and dronekit
  • enjoy type hinting and its benefits
  • Fantastic learning experience for the student with Python MOOC Platform.
  • From Zero to Hero for Managing your Servers
  • Image Generator On the Sky
  • Indonesian Poem Generator using Python
  • Interactive Python Dashboards with Plotly and Dash
  • Make Your Own Object Detection with Tensorflow and OpenCV
  • Modern Tech meets Traditional Music: Enhancing Angklung Performances with Python
  • Music Classification using Deep Learning based on Python
  • Normalisasi Kosakata Slang pada Komentar Instagram dengan pendekatan Neural Machine Translation menggunakan seq2seq Keras
  • Predicting Potential Water Resource Area with Python
  • PyCon in Asia
  • Python Dictionaries
  • Python For All - From install, to everyday task, to.. anything
  • Python-Defined Networking Using RouteFlow
  • PyTorch for Deep Learning Practitioners
  • Real Time Data Transformation using Apache Beam Python SDK
  • Scaling your Flask development workflow - the container way
  • Scan Your Python Code
  • Securing your Django and Flask APIs with JWT
  • Strategi mengoptimalkan performa script Python
  • The Quest for Fast Python: PyPy, Numba and Cython
  • Twitter Data Visualization Models & Algorithm using Matplotlib
  • Understanding IoT Data Protocol

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