PyCon ID 2020 is Here!

Date : 2020-09-25 10:15:00+07:00

Author : Dima Maharika Dinama

PyCon ID 2020 is Here!

Hello, Pythonista! Since 2017, Indonesian Python Community has organized a Python Conference Indonesia or PyCon ID every year. In 2017, the first PyCon ID was held at Surabaya. Taking “A New Beginning” as the theme, PyCon ID 2017 became a beginning for an annual event for Pythonista in Indonesia to gather and talk about everything in the Python programming language. Since then PyCon ID has been held annually.

The following year, it’s Jakarta's turn to become host. PyCon ID 2018 which was held at Kalbis Institute successfully gathered up to 400 participants and 30 speakers. The theme “Python for Everyone” is taken as a form of the spirit that Python language can be used and enjoyed by everyone. In 2019 PyCon ID was held at Ciputra University, Surabaya. PyCon ID 2019 had the theme “Beauty of Python” with the aim of spreading the beauty of Python language. Just like the year before, this event has gathered up to 450 Pythonista and held successfully. At the end of PyCon ID 2019, the organizer challenge other cities such as Bandung, Yogyakarta, Makassar, and Jakarta to held PyCon as host.

Since the start of this year, PyCon ID 2020 preparation has started. Some regions have high enthusiasm for becoming host of PyCon ID 2020. But, 2020 is not going as well as we hope. COVID-19 pandemic that spread around the world is giving a big impact for organizing events that gather a lot of people. A lot of events have to be cancelled. This also give an impact to PyCon ID 2020.

This pandemic has indeed prevented us from being physically present at the same place. However, this pandemic should not be a barrier so that Pythonistas can still meet and attend PyCon ID. With today’s available technology, events can be held online and the essence of the event can still be achieved. Therefore, it has been decided that Python Conference Indonesia 2020 will be held online. This year, there’s no specific city that will become host of PyConID 2020. This year, PyCon ID 2020 will be held in many places. PyCon ID 2020 is held at every Pythonista place.

With the theme “Connect, Collab, Contribute”, PyCon ID 2020 still wants to be an event where Pythonista around the world can be connected, collaborate with each other, and give contribution wherever possible.

We will be waiting for you at Python Conference Indonesia 2020!